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Mullinax Ford Up Front® Pricing

For over four decades, Mullinax Ford has been using Up Front® Pricing to simplify the car-buying process. There's no need to haggle and no surprise fees -- just car-buying as it should be. If you're tired of how other dealerships do business, come enjoy the transparent and no-pressure sales experience provided by the team at Mullinax Ford of Central Florida.

What is Up Front® Pricing?

Mullinax Ford invented Up Front® Pricing in 1975, and since then it has been the cornerstone of how we sell cars. Up Front® Pricing means that our lowest prices will be clearly marked on every vehicle. No add-on fees, no dealer fees and no haggling. It's that simple! This allows you to easily buy or lease the vehicle you're interested in based on one transparent price.

How Do I Claim an Up Front® Price?

We make sure that every customer gets offered the same Up Front® Price. If you're interested in saving even more, you can ask about the new Ford specials we currently have available. Browse our inventory or contact Mullinax Ford of Central Florida to set up a test-drive.

Which Ford Is Right For Me?

Did you know that Mullinax Ford has over 4,000 cars for sale? Each one with a clearly labeled Up Front® Price ready to be claimed. And by eliminating dealer fees, we're able to save each customer up to $900 just by shopping with Mullinax. Visit us to buy a new Ford or take your time exploring the huge selection of other vehicles we have.

Mullinax Ford of Central Florida gives its customers the one-price sales approach they deserve with Up Front® Pricing. If you'd like a simplified car-buying experience and want to save without the hassle of negotiating, we're here for you. Schedule a test-drive today!